How We Got Here

In 2009, Susan Bibbings travelled to Mwanza, Tanzania to review the effects of the aid that she and her community had been sending to children in the region.

But after meeting with the children, she quickly realized that all the efforts of herself and her friends and family, however well meant, were not enough. A far more serious approach was required. What the children really deserved was a safe place to learn, and access to good quality education. That realization was the moment that started us on the path to Dream Big Montessori School.

With a great deal of creative student-power from both BCIT Architectural Students and Imperial College in London, UK, the school project bloomed to include a safe local water well and mini solar power station and much more!

Momentum grew as business after corporation stepped up to show that their social responsibility policies were nothing like lip service. HMM (Hyundai Merchant Marine) together with DP World donated a 40 cargo container and complimentary transportation to the other side of the world! Oasis windows of BC astonished us with its donation of fabulous high end windows, while Dick’s Lumber gave us very favorable rates on much of our required construction material. Solarville underwrote our solar kiosk costs, and Canada Place donated historic sail material for our grand entrance sunshade and outdoor teaching space – (soon to be erected for our official school opening in January with new teachers George and Sophie leading these children through their ABCs). With all the interest in our school shown by the older members of the community, we may need to implement out adult education evening classes sooner rather than later too!!

[Stay tuned for the full story.]

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