Our New Sponsor – Nognz!

Nognz - brain fitness

Merry Christmas Dr. Justin R. Davis and Nognz of West Vancouver for their superb donation of cutting edge educational brain fitness toys for our students at the Dream Big Montessori School! What lucky kids to get the benefit of these fun and thoroughly enjoyable learning tools.

Benefits of a sustainable brain health initiative helps students to pay attention longer in class, remember more of what they’ve learned and use that knowledge to problem solve like a pro. Brain fitness exercises complement curriculum and create opportunities for social engagement inside and outside the classroom.

“nognz brain fitness is a timely idea that presents the rapidly growing field of neuroscience in a manner that is accessible and relevant. Their materials are fun and engaging, and support educators by challenging students to become more effective thinkers.”

Thank you sincerely Nognz for your very valuable help with these children, so deserving of their first chance at quality education thanks to those in Vancouver who care and believe it is well worth it to dare to Dream Big!

**Check out Nognz at 1517 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1A6**

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