Monthly Archives: September 2013

No Baby Steps For Us!!

We’re expecting!!

It’s not just our beautiful children who are growing like weeds, after only our first year of operation our school is ready for some new classrooms. Our fundraising goal for this next extension is $20,000. Please contact us if you would like to help us reach our goal and start adding classrooms, or Adopt-a-Classroom (or wing) and name it after a company, group or a loved one! Contact us for more info by email.

This growth is accelerating even faster due to a fortuitous turn of events as the Tanzanian government have purchased the neighbouring plot of land and are building a Regional Municipal Administrative building. What comes with this building is most exciting for us as it means a new paved road at no charge to us!!

This solves one of our biggest challenges – getting waitlisted children to our school who live too far to walk. Now we can begin to use our donated school bus as soon as the paving is done. Very exciting for many families!!

Word of the quality reputation of our school  has spread and we have families wanting to come from far and wide as soon as the road problem is solved, as the heavy rains wash the roads out regularly, despite our efforts of repair.

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