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First Art Class Ever! – Loving our Beautiful Colourful Zebras!

Neema's Zebra

Art is so fun!

Look at my zebra!

Playing with colour

Mixed media

Drying paintings

I love art!

We are painting these!

The love of art!

Sophie helps

First the outline

Art together

Visiting for the Grand Opening of the Dream Big Montessori School, Susan Bibbings conducted a wonderful Vancouver-Mwanza school to school international art swap project thanks to  Vancouver teacher Laura Clancy. It was Laura’s idea to have her Vancouver Kindergarten students paint BC salmon which Susan transported as a gift to the Dream Big School, then the new students painted Tanzanian zebras as a gift back to the Vancouver young artists. It was the first time these children had done art, and it was a magical experience for them. Their art is truly magnificent and the children showed they have an innate love of colour! These works of zebra art will be on display February 15th and the Skoolaid Musical Gala, and will also be made into gift card sets. Thank you Laura for your wonderful bridge of art and friendship!! Here are some of Laura’s students BC salmon on permanent display at the Dream Big School…

Salmon close-up



School is open! Classes in session! Big smiles all around!

Completed School Buildings with Corn

Completed School Buildings with Corn Crop to be used for School Lunches

Here is the Dream Big Montessori School – completed at long last! Classes began January 2013 at the Nursery level (ages 4-6 years) taught by our Montessori trained nursery teachers George and Sophie, who are living on site on the second floor of our wonderful solar kiosk enjoying the truly stunning views of the green valley in the distance. Ten new windows needed to be added to these two blocks, according to the school inspector, which have turned out very well and add even more light into the classrooms, library and office. Replastering has been finished as well as a fresh coat of paint which looks great!

School Breezeway

PE class