Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tanzanian Red Tape

An extra dose of patience is required in the Tanzanian new school registration process! After two weeks of long days and late late nights of paperwork while swatting those darn malarial mosquitoes, we are finally at Step 6 of an 8 step registration and permitting process.  However, we need to finish our septic field first to pass our physical school requirement Step 7 and the rains from the rainy season make that a waiting game too. Once the earth dries up we can finish our toilet system. In the meantime we have built two ‘bonus’ toilets at a higher grade elevation which will likely become the teacher’s and adult visitor only ones. We know our school will not pass inspection until the main toilet system is functional, of course, and nothing moves too fast over here, that’s for sure!

Solar Kiosk needs metal cladding on second residence level to keep rains in check. Temporary double outhouse toilets on left side beautifully built by local builder.

One other final exterior job is to clad in metal sheeting the second floor above the solar kiosk, which is to be the teachers’ accommodation as the BC plywood we have finished it in is not tough enough in the rainy season. We have painted it white for now, but we need to add a final exterior layer of metal once we can fundraise the amount required for this job. Donation button coming soon to this site – Yeah!!