Rainy season damage

Very heavy rains lately as the rainy season winds up. All this rain filled the water cistern past overflow and unfortunately it broke loose under that weight, fell over and burst open.
Then this water gushed under the corner of the concrete foundation, washing away the sandy soil, leaving the corner hanging in mid-air.
Sister Denise is on it though, and is making arrangements for repair.

The two new water cisterns are raised up on more substantial metal platforms with better concrete footings.
The broken manual pump for the water well was broken, but our guy Mushi went out and fixed that for us, so village water is back on line, thank goodness. In the meantime villagers had resourcefully removed the well cap and were lowering buckets to get their daily water. This well has improved the quality of life for locals tremendously, as girls used to have to spend their days walking to collect water and carry heavy buckets on their heads back home – not good for young spines and necks to be sure! Also the water was dirty and usually contaminated with typhoid, and very undesirable bacteria and parasites. Now the water they are getting from our well is filtered, and clean and at their doorsteps. This will make a massive improvement in the health of the community and greatly reduce the burden on the health system. And now the girls have their hours freed up, without distant water collection, and can now attend our school instead!


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